1 – Purpose

1.1 Wild Breads Pty. Ltd., its associated entities including, without limitation, Sol Breads, Nomad Breads and its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as Wildbreads) are strongly committed to protecting your privacy while interacting with our content, products and services. We want to provide a safe and secure environment for you.

1.2 Personal information of individuals which is collected can be used in connection with the conduct of the businesses of Wildbreads. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to tell you what kind of information we may gather about you when you visit our site, how we may use that information, whether we disclose it to anyone, and the choices you have regarding our use of, and your ability to correct this information. Our policy allows you to choose what kind and how much information you provide to us and to control how we use whatever information you give us. Our goal is to provide you with a satisfying experience while allowing you to control your privacy and to give you a means to voice any questions or concerns you may have.

1.3 This policy applies only to websites of Wildbreads and not to other companies’ or organisations’ websites to which our sites may be linked. Those website owners are responsible for the privacy of the information they collect and should be contacted directly for details of their privacy policies.

2 – Compliance with Privacy Legislation

2.1 Wildbreads is bound by, and will comply with, the National Privacy Principles (NPPs) set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Act).

3 – Collection of Personal Information

3.1 Information is collected from you primarily to make it easier and more rewarding for you to use the Wildbreads’ businesses. Depending on the service you are accessing, you could be asked to provide information such as your name, email address or information about what you like and do not like. It is entirely your choice whether to respond to these questions or not.

3.2 Wildbreads’ websites collects two types of information:

(a) The first type is anonymous information: Wildbreads’ websites automatically gather anonymous information to monitor the use of Wildbreads’ websites like the numbers and frequency of visitors to Wildbreads’ websites and its areas, very much like television ratings that tell the networks how many people tuned in to a program. We only use such data in the aggregate. This collective data helps us determine how much our audiences use parts of the site, so we can improve Wildbreads’ websites to assure that it is as appealing as we can make it for as many users as possible. Wildbreads’ websites may publish or provide this aggregate data to other people or organisations.

(b) The second type of information that Wildbreads’ websites collect is personal information: Wildbreads’ websites will collect personal information that lets us know the specifics of who you are such as your name, email address, or postal address, when you provide it to us. With this information, Wildbreads’ websites can provide a variety of personalised and enhanced services that are not available to anonymous users. We hope that you will find it beneficial to provide individually identifiable information about yourself to us because it will make our services more valuable to you.

3.3 Sometimes, we may specifically ask for personal information about you when you sign up to use a service or buy products from Wildbreads’ businesses. Certain information may be required, such as your name, age, internet address or screen name, billing address, type of computer, credit card number, in order to provide that service or product to you. This information may also be used to inform you of additional products and services which may interest you. You can choose not to receive such information when you are undertaking product or service registration on our website. Wildbreads may also ask about your interests, but it is your choice whether to respond.

3.4 How much of your personal information that you choose to disclose to Wildbreads’ websites is completely up to you. The only way we know something about you personally is if you provide it to us, for example when you take part in a discussion forum or enter a competition or place an order through our websites.

4 – Definition of personal information

4.1 Personal information is generally defined as information or an opinion that can identify a person. This usually includes information such as your name, date of birth, address, telephone number and possibly your email address. The type of personal information that Wildbreads may collect about you will depend upon the nature of your relationship with Wildbreads. For example, we may need more information about you to become an account holder than we would if you wished only to browse a website of Wildbreads. Where reasonable, we will collect information directly from you and also from your use of our various products and services.

5 – Privacy Statement/Notice

5.1 At or before the time that Wildbreads collects personal information from you (or, if that is not practicable, as soon as practicable after) it will take reasonable steps to ensure that you are given a privacy statement/notice where you will be made aware of the purpose for collecting that information and how that information will be used.

6 – Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

6.1 In general, Wildbreads policy is that we will use or disclose personal information for the purpose which was either specified or reasonably apparent at the time of collection. For example, to provide our products and services to you and enable you to participate in any loyalty programs that we may be involved in or promotions conducted by Wildbreads. We may also use or disclose it for any other related purpose for which you would reasonably expect it to be used. Wildbreads may also use your personal information to send marketing or promotional material to you, unless you indicate that you do not wish to receive it.

6.2 There will be occasions where it will be necessary for Wildbreads to disclose your personal information to third parties. Wildbreads may be required by law to disclose the information or Wildbreads may be required to disclose your personal information to third parties to provide the service you have requested. For example, if you purchase products online from Wildbreads, we will need to disclose your personal information to third parties in order to bill and deliver your products. However, the disclosure will only be made where it is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which you disclosed your personal information. Otherwise than stated above, we do not disclose personal information that you may give us, such as your name, address, email address or telephone number, to any organisation or person outside Wildbreads unless you have authorised us to do so. For example, when you contribute to an online forum you may want to publish your name and email address.

6.3 Some further examples of where Wildbreads may disclose personal information to third parties are:

(a) information relevant to the management of Wildbreads’ businesses which is otherwise available in the public domain;

(b) where third party contractors appointed by Wildbreads require access to personal information held by us to perform services for us or on your behalf;

(c) where Wildbreads reasonably believes it is necessary to protect any person and/or Wildbreads rights or property;

(d) where Wildbreads is required or authorised by law to do so; or

(e) with your consent.

7 – No sale of personal information

7.1 Under no circumstances will Wildbreads websites sell or receive payment for licensing or disclosing your personal information.

8 – Wildbreads Websites

8.1 Specific Wildbreads websites may collect “click stream” information (such as areas of our websites you have accessed and the time and date of access) from your use of our websites. Wildbreads may also collect “DoubleClick adserving” information (such as whether a marketing campaign has been effective) from your use of our websites.

8.2 We may also store “cookie” information, such as user preferences relating to the use of our websites. A cookie is a small data file that may be placed on the computer of a web user (usually in the browser software folder). The information collected is used to customise and improve websites. If you do not want us to store cookie information on your computer, you can set your browser to disable this feature. This may mean you will not be able to take full advantage of Wildbreads’ services offered on our websites.

8.3 There may be interactive features on Wildbreads’ websites that you can contribute to. When interacting with Wildbreads’ websites, we suggest that you use your discretion and exercise caution when providing your personal information.

8.4 Note that whenever you post personal information in publicly accessible places, such as chat rooms or message boards, this information becomes available to anyone with access to the internet. This information can be collected and used by others. In short, if you post personal information online that is accessible to the public, you may receive unsolicited messages from other parties in return. Therefore, we recommend that you refrain from posting any information that you do not want seen in these public areas. For example, when participating in a Wildbreads forum, guest book or chat area, your name will appear on the message board. Wildbreads recommends that applicants registering online do not use their real names, but a pen name or pseudonym. You must not intentionally use the name of another living person.

9 – Security of Personal Information

9.1 Wildbreads will take reasonable steps to:

(a) protect the personal information it holds from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure; and

(b) to ensure that the personal information that it collects, uses or discloses is accurate, complete and up to date.

10 – Seeking Access to Personal Information

10.1 You are welcome to request access to personal information that Wildbreads holds about you. There are certain situations where Wildbreads may decline to give you access to your personal information, and these are set out in the Act. We will give you reasons if we deny access.

10.2 In specific cases, please write directly to Wildbreads and include your name, address, date of birth and signature. We will send you the appropriate access form. In all cases, we will inform you if a cost applies to finding and supplying the information before we perform this task.

11 – Changing Information

11.1 If you have reason to believe personal information which we hold about you is inaccurate or out of date, please write to Wildbreads and include your full name, address, date of birth, membership or account number (if any), signature and specify the information you wish to change.

12 – Anonymous Transactions

12.1 Where it is lawful and practicable to do so, you may transact with Wildbreads without providing personal information.

13 – Sending Information Overseas

13.1 Wildbreads will only transfer personal information overseas in circumstances where it is permitted by the Act.

14 – Changes in the Future

14.1 Wildbreads reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time and to notify you by posting an updated version of the policy here.

15 – Additional Information on Privacy

15.1 For further information about privacy issues and the protection of privacy, visit the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s website at www.oaic.gov.au.

16 – Governing Law

16.1 The information in this privacy policy is governed by the laws of Queensland.

16.2 Wildbreads and you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Queensland Courts.

17 – Intellectual Property Notice

17.1 Intellectual property and all materials provided on this website, including but not limited to trademarks and copyrights are distributed for the purpose of Wildbreads’ businesses and, by doing so, no rights, title or interest in the intellectual property or the materials vest in you.

17.2 The websites of Wildbreads are copyright and subject to a reservation of all usual rights. No part may be reproduced without the express written permission of Wildbreads.

18 – Resolving your privacy concerns

18.1 If you have any issues that you wish to raise with Wildbreads or you wish to make a complaint regarding Wildbreads’ management of your personal information please contact us. We take complaints about privacy concerns seriously and we will work to resolve your complaint and correct any errors on our part.

18.2 Our contact details are as follows:

Wild Breads Pty. Ltd.

89 Harcourt Road, Darra, Queensland 4076

Postal Address

PO Box 3257 Darra, Queensland 4076

Phone +61 7 3251 5555

Email – info(at)wildbreads.com.au