Nomad Artisan Flatbread

Made with simple ingredients, Nomad Artisan Flatbread is a versatile specialty bread.

Taking inspiration from the breads of the Mediterranean, Nomad Breads Artisan Flatbread is wholesome and delicious.

Our rustic loaves are baked in Australia, freshly frozen then flown across the world for you to enjoy.

Born in Australia, bread for the world.


The Nomad Breads range

Nomad Artisan Flatbread features a light, airy interior and a thin golden crust topped with nigella seeds and sesame seeds.

Artisan Flatbread Original

Our classic rectangular loaf is perfect for sandwiches or grilled served with dips, soups, stews and more.

Artisan Flatbread Round Rolls

Large, round artisan flatbread rolls that make delicious panini, grilled sandwiches or in place of ciabatta.

Artisan Flatbread Oval Rolls

Rustic oval-shaped artisan flatbread rolls that make the ideal base for hoagies, subs and hero sandwiches.

Artisan Flatbread Petit Rolls

Small artisan flatbread rolls that are the ideal bread for gourmet sandwiches or burgers, sliders and more.

Custom product development

Nomad Breads understands the changing food tastes and preferences of your customers.

We support the food service market with recipe and product development that is on trend, competitively priced and leaves your guests wanting more.

Our team is committed to delivering flatbreads made with the highest quality ingredients for fine dining, family restaurants, fast casual, cafeterias and more.

Get in touch to discuss your custom product development, food service or wholesale needs.

Artisan flatbread in your food service menu

It’s easy to add interest to your food service menu with our exotic artisanal flatbreads. Nomad Artisan Flatbreads are:

  • Perfectly portable for ‘grab and go’ meals and snacks
  • Great for indulgent breakfasts like flatbread sandwiches
  • As a flatbread pizza base with popular or exotic toppings
  • Delicious as a side dish for soups and stews

Versatile and tasty – impress your guests today!

The secret ingredient

What makes our artisan flatbread so special? Nigella seeds.

Nigella sativa (black-caraway) has been used around the world since Biblical times to add aromatic flavour to breads, spice mixes and vegetable dishes.

With a hint of onion, black pepper and oregano, nigella seeds give our artisan flatbreads a mild but exotic taste. Nigella seeds have a crunchy texture and unique savoury flavour that makes Nomad Breads deliciously different.

The Nomad Breads’ story

Founded by two passionate bakers who craved the simple tastes of their Mediterranean homeland, Nomad Breads has grown from strength to strength to become Australia’s favourite artisan flatbread.

Our team of artisan bakers are passionate about bread making and are committed to the highest standards of food safety.

Using an age-old recipe and world-class baking facilities, our artisan flatbread is made with a continuous production process that ensures consistency, quality and taste.

Made with quality ingredients | Contains no GMO | Authentic and exotic

Wholesale bread ordering

New wholesale customers

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About Wild Breads

Wild Breads is an Australian speciality wholesale bakery comprising the brands Sol Breads, Nomad Breads and Wild Breads.

With state of the art baking facilities and a team of experienced, passionate artisan bakers Wild Breads bakes a popular range of quality breads. Wild Breads products are known and loved for their taste, quality and consistency.

We are committed to excellence in food safety, packaging, cold storage and transportation. And we are wild about bread.

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