Nomad Turkish Bread & Lavash Bread

Nomad Turkish Bread has a distinctive airy texture and thin, golden crust making it perfect for toasting and sandwiches. It is also delicious when grilled and served with dips, soups and more.

Our Mediterranean-inspired range of breads also includes Nomad Lavash Bread, an authentic, unleavened flatbread ideal for wrap sandwiches. Use Nomad Lavash Bread in place of tortillas, Lebanese bread, pizza bases and more.

Available through leading food retailers under the Nomad Breads label, our authentic Turkish Bread and Lavash Bread add an interesting twist to your food service menu.


The Nomad Breads range


A long Turkish bread loaf perfect for sandwiches or sliced and grilled.


Our popular long Turkish loaf naturally seasoned with garlic.


Oval-shaped Turkish Bread rolls ideal for substantial sandwiches.


Thin rectangular Lavash-style flatbreads great for wrap sandwiches.

Custom products & private label generic breads

Nomad Breads supports our food service and wholesale customers with a range of authentic Mediterranean-style bread products made with the finest ingredients.

We are committed to product development to bring you (and your customers) different and delicious breads.

In addition to our Original and naturally flavoured Garlic Turkish Bread, we also bake a seasonal range including Olive Turkish Bread, Sundried Tomato & Feta Turkish Bread, and Pumpkin Turkish Bread.

Nomad Breads offer custom product development, private label generic (PLG) and contract manufacturing to our food service and wholesale customers. Contact us to discuss your custom bread product requirements.

Nigella seeds – the secret ingredient

The secret to authentic tasting Turkish bread is Nigella seeds.

Nigella seeds are known by many names and are often mistaken for black sesame seeds or onion seeds.

These hard, crunchy seeds are subtly savoury and taste like a blend of onion, black pepper and oregano. Nigella seeds have been a feature of Asian and Mediterranean cooking for centuries in baked goods, spice mixes and to season vegetables.

Nigella seeds add a mildly spiced, deliciously different taste to our Turkish Breads.

The Nomad Breads story

Nomad Breads was founded by two bakers with a passion for rustic Mediterranean-style breads.

From these humble beginnings, we have grown to become one of the most popular and widely available Turkish breads on the market through retail and wholesale channels. Our state of the art baking facility produces 240,000 loaves of bread per week.

Our team of artisan bakers are recruited from around the world and we are committed to quality and consistency, using only 100% Australian flour and the highest standards of food safety.


  • HAACP Certificate no. SFAAU10/7630
  • WQA – Woolworths Quality Control Standard Certificate #69584-2
  • OFC – Organic Food Chain Certificate #0475
  • Food Business Licence – 5 Star Rating
  • Food Safety Supervisor Certificate 102969

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About Wild Breads

Wild Breads is an Australian speciality wholesale bakery incorporating the Sol Breads, Nomad Breads and Wild Breads brands.

Using traditional recipes and state of the art baking facilities, our team of passionate artisan bakers craft a range of quality breads. Consistency and reliability are paramount.

Wild Breads are committed to excellence in food safety, packaging, cold storage and transportation. And we are wild about bread.

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