Our breads

Wild Breads food service provides an extensive range of authentic, artisanal bread products for fine dining, family restaurants, cafeterias and more.

Wild Breads offers variety and inspiration to your food service menus with sourdough, rustic gluten-free loaves, specialty flatbreads, artisan rolls and more.

Our range includes breads made with: natural ingredients, ancient grains and organic flours.

Wild Breads products are proudly made with:

No GMO Ingredients | No Trans Fats | No High Fructose Corn Syrup | No Palm Oil

Bread trends

Wild Breads understands the changing food tastes of your guests and strive to create interesting, on-trend, competitively priced artisanal breads for your needs.

Wild Breads products are great for:

  • Sliders and mini burgers
  • Healthy kids’ meals
  • Burrito and wrap-style sandwiches
  • Ethnic-inspired breakfast items
  • Indulgent breakfast and brunch meals

We use fresh, simple ingredients to create delicious breads. We invest heavily in research and technology to help us develop fresher products with a longer shelf life.

Custom products

Think beyond the bun!

Wild Breads is a supplier of choice for private label bread production by major retailers in Australia.

We love working with our food service customers to develop recipes and new products to cater to the changing tastes of your guests.

Contact us to discuss your food service needs.

Frozen fresh artisanal breads, delivered to your door

We know that your bread order arriving on time is vital to the success of your business.

That’s why everything including our bread packaging, snap freezing, cold storage and distribution channels is aligned to deliver the freshest breads to our customers.


Wholesale bread ordering

New wholesale customers

To access online wholesale bread ordering please contact:

Sales Director
Robert Gils +61 412 782 240

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About Wild Breads

Wild Breads is an Australian speciality wholesale bakery that produces high-quality baked goods under the Sol Breads, Nomad Breads and Wild Breads brands.

Our team of passionate bakers use traditional recipes and state of the art baking facilities to create a versatile range of breads loved for their taste, quality and consistency.

We are leaders in food safety, packaging, cold storage and transportation. And we are wild about bread.

Wild Breads Pty Ltd

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